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  • Burt’s Blue Cheese Pear and Fennel Tart

    This delicious winter tart recipe showcases the complexity and versatility of Claire Burt’s flagship cheese – Burt’s Blue. Photograph: Helen Cathcart

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  • Baked figs with parma ham and Burt’s Blue Cheese

    Christmas is a cheese lover’s paradise, one of those rare occasions when it really is justifiable to whip out the cheeseboard at every available opportunity.

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  • Blue Cheese Crostini with Caramelised Figs

    We are lucky to have some fab new recipes from Kate Tighe. Kate is a young food writer and recipe developer. She is one half of the award winning food and lifestyle blog “Ginseng & Thyme”.

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  • Claire Burt

    What’s in a name?

    When I first started making cheese on my kitchen table back in 2009, I couldn’t have imagined how well it would turn out

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  • Burt's blue Cheese

    Unusual Blues by Juliet Harbutt for the Speciality Food Magazine

    This is a small deliciously creamy cheese with a serious identity crisis. I don’t know if it is a barely blue cheese with a rind that tastes more like icing or a washed rind cheese with intermittent blueing or even a Camembert with a very thick, soft pink rind that tastes almost better than the interior.

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  • Burt's Blue and a Fig

    Burt’s Blue makes it into World Book of Cheese

    This month we celebrated making it into the prestigious ‘World Cheese Book’ by acclaimed writer Juliette Harbutt

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  • Tom Partridge

    Meet our cheese-maker – Tom Partridge

    Tom Partridge joined Burt’s Cheese in 2013 leaving behind his career as a chef and pursuing his passion for cheese-making.

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  • Meet the Cookaholics – Claire Burt

    Making the video for Meet the Cookaholics for the Neff Cookaholics campaign was a lot of fun, and this is it finished …. Watch “Meet the Cookaholics Claire Burt – Neff Cookaholics The Guardian” on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/109556833?ref=em-share A couple of stills from todays filming…

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  • Neff Cookaholics Campaign

    My usual work wear is a blue hairnet, white coat and white wellies, it is far from glamorous! So being invited to part of the Neff Cookaholics Campaign and finding myself on the cover of a national magazine wasn’t somewhere I thought cheese-making would take me.

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