Burts Cheese Limited, Ash Farm, Ash Lane Ollerton, Cheshire WA16 8RQ

Monthly Makers Box – 6 months


Monthly Makers Box (contains 3 cheeses approx. 600g)

Each box will include our Burt’s Blue approx. 200g, our Drunken Burt approx. 200g and a Limited Edition Burt’s Cheese approx. 200g

October – Limited Edition – Smoked

November – Limited Edition – Soft cheese with truffle

December – Limited Edition – Divine

January – March – Limited Edition TBC

6 months for £144 (price includes delivery to UK Mainland)

1 box is dispatched the last Wednesday of month – with the exception of December. December’s Monthly Makers Box will be dispatched Wednesday 15th December 2021.


All our December Makers Boxes have now been dispatched, but you can still sign up and start the subscription from January 2022.

Something we love as cheese makers is we are always learning…

The expression ‘Cheese never sleeps’ is so true, cheese is always evolving and so do we as cheese makers.

”I still get excited seeing the transformation from liquid milk, seeing the whey released as we drop the cutting wires in the vat to cut the curds. And coming in the next day and the aroma of yesterday’s make which is waiting to be salted.”

Claire Burt

“Our small batches allow us the opportunity to explore new ideas. It’s great to be able to showcase these at the monthly Treacle market and hear first hand what customers think.”

Tom Partridge

Over the last 10 years we’ve learned a lot.

Some of it’s out of desire to try something new and other times it’s out of necessity.

Like the occasion our farmer delivered too much milk and we couldn’t fit in the vat, so we filled some tubs and made a fresh curd.

And most recently in Spring of 2020 like many cheesemakers when sales dropped and we found we had the time and capacity to try something new so we made our Burts Blanc.

We’d like to share some of these cheeses by introducing our Monthly Makers Box, each month alongside our flagship Burts Blue and Drunken Burt well feature a limited edition cheese.

This is available as a 3 or 6 months subscription.


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