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Mini Gift Set


Mini Gift Set now includes:

Burt’s Blue min 180g and Drunken Burt min 180g

‘Perfect Pair’ chutney by Fruits of The Forage x 1

Peter’s Yard Spelt & Fig Crispbread x 1


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Mini Gift Set Featuring:

Burt’s Blue

Our Burt’s Blue cheese is made using pasteurised milk; the milk is inoculated with Penicillium Roqueforti (blue mould), which develops on the surface of the cheese.  The ‘mouldy coat’ of each cheese can vary seasonally from darker ‘green and blues’ to paler ‘grey and blues’ (and its all edible – incase you were wondering!)

Each cheese is then pierced by hand during the ripening process to encourage and allow the growth of mild blue veins through the paste. These blotches and punctures of blue throughout give the cheese its character and flavour.

The younger cheese has more resistance to the touch and the flavours are more piquant and upfront, as the cheese matures, the flavours become more rounded and the resistance gives ways to a much softer texture.

Drunken Burt

Our Drunken Burt starts out life in much the way same as Burt’s Blue. The milk is inoculated with the Penicillium Roqueforti (blue mould) which is allowed to developed on the surface of the cheese.

However, the cheese isn’t pierced during ripening so doesn’t develop the blue veins as the Burt’s Blue cheese would. (The paste may occasionally develop small pockets blue). Instead the cheese is ‘washed’ in Gwatkin’s Cider, this process encourages other bacteria to develop on the surface. The result is a surface mould that tends to be paler, often ‘sandy’ in colour.

The younger cheese will have a chalky centre (or paste) which carries with it the fresh ‘apple’ acidity from the cider. As the cheese matures the acidity softens and the flavours become more rounded and subtle, the cider ‘notes’ become less ‘appley’ and more ‘oaky’ from the aged cider barrels. The paste softens to become silky smooth.

‘Perfect Pair’ chutney by Fruits of The Forage, pairs perfectly with our Burt’s Blue Cheese. Spiced with wild apples and tangy heritage pears, a forgotten ancient British Fruit.

Peter’s Yard Spelt & Fig Crispbread, these crispbreads made at their artisan bakery, using organic Shipton Mill flour, organic fresh milk and their precious sourdough which ferments for 16 hours before each batch is made, make them a perfect accompaniment to a cheeseboard.

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