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Mini Burt’s Selection featuring Burt’s Blue and Burt’s Blanc


Burt’s Mini Selection
Burt’s Blue min 180g
Burt’s Blanc approx 200g
(Depending on availability the selection may include a mini Burt’s Blue truckles or a wedge cut from a larger wheel of cheese)

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Mini Selection featuring Burt’s Blue min. 180g and Burt’s Blanc approx. 200g

Burt’s Blue 

Our Burt’s Blue cheese is made using pasteurised milk; the milk is inoculated with Penicillium Roqueforti (blue mould), which develops on the surface of the cheese.  The ‘mouldy coat’ of each cheese can vary seasonally from darker ‘green and blues’ to paler ‘grey and blues’ (and its all edible – incase you were wondering!)

Each cheese is then pierced by hand during the ripening process to encourage and allow the growth of mild blue veins through the paste. These blotches and punctures of blue throughout give the cheese its character and flavour.

The younger cheese has more resistance to the touch and the flavours are more piquant and upfront, as the cheese matures, the flavours become more rounded and the resistance gives ways to a much softer texture.

Burt’s Blanc 

Originally we based the idea for this cheese on a Cheshire recipe, however, over our trials this cheese evolved and become something with its own personality.

The cheese is made using pasteurised cow’s milk, the curds are milled and salted by hand, before being placed in a mould and allowed to drain overnight. The following day the cheeses are lightly pressed before being cloth bound and left to mature.

Unlike our Burt’s Blue and Drunken Burt, Burt’s Blanc is a hard cheese, its texture is fairly close but with a slight ‘flakiness’. The flavour is fresh with some acidity, and a slightly salty finish.


Depending on availability the selection may include the mini truckles (as pictured) or a wedge cut from a larger wheel of cheese.


Tasting Notes

It is soft blue with its yielding texture it avoids the harsher notes sometimes associated with blue cheese, it has a slight saltiness, typical of blue cheese. The younger cheese is more resistant to touch, but as it matures this resistance gives way to a muchsofter texture.

Nutritional Advice

Typical values per 100g: Energy 1753kj/423kcal, Fat 37.2g (of which Saturates 23.5g), Carbohydrate 0.1g (of which Sugars 0.1g), Fibre 0.0g, Protein 26.6g, Salt 1.8g

Dietary Information

Pasteurised. Cow’s milk

Cheese Care

Keep refrigerated. To enjoy this cheese at its best, eat within 7 days of opening and by the best before date shown. Once opened we recommend wrapping your cheese in greaseproof paper and storing in an air-tight container in the fridge

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